Call for Enlistment in Consultant Roster

Nabil Bank with its mission to be the 1st Choice Provider of Complete Financial Solutions ventured into capital market related activities and incepted its subsidiary – ‘’Nabil Invest” which renders investment banking related services to the masses. Nabil Invest targets to establish itself as a leading Investment Bank introducing innovative products & services in the Nepalese capital Market. 

Nabil Invest, licensed by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) as Securities Businessperson (Merchant Banker) provides financial solutions and advice to individuals and corporate clients. Nabil Invest strategy builds on the strengths of all of its businesses and focuses its efforts on areas in which it excels, while seeking to capitalize on the compelling growth prospects in the businesses.

Nabil Invest performs various corporate advisory functions like restructuring of business, business & equity valuation, loan syndication & debt raising, advisory related to venture capital/private equity/hedge fund management, business plan development, financial & revenue modeling, market feasibility and assessment, FDI advisory, escrow agency and other research based advisory services.

The purpose of this call for enlistment in consultant roster is to place qualified individual as well as institutional consultants in Nabil Invest Roster for upcoming assignments and projects.  The enlisted consultants are expected to work jointly with team Nabil Invest as an outsourced consultant on project basis as and when required. A separate agreement will be carried out on project with all the consultant who are short listed for consultant roster. Individual as well as institutional consultant can apply for the enlistment in consultant roster.

We invite enlistment of consultants in the following areas of expertise:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Tourism
    1. Airlines
    2. Hotels and Hospitality
    3. Resort, Restaurant and Café
    4. Travel and Tours
  3. Information, Communication and Technology
  4. Education
    1. School
    2. College
    3. CTEVT
  5. Infrastructure  
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Trading
  8. Construction
    1. Cement
    2. Steel
    3. Plastic
  9. Hotel and Hospitality
  10. Health
  11. Urban Planning
  12. Transportation
  13. Real Estate
  14. Mines and Mineral
  15. Telecommunication
  16. Energy
    1. Hydro
    2. Solar
    3. Wind

Required qualifications for individual consultant:

  • At least master's degree in the respective areas of their expertise
  • Minimum 7 years of experience working as consultant in the relevant field
  • Must be interested to work on project basis

Required qualifications for institutional consultant:

  • Must be registered as a consulting institutions
  • At least 5 years of experience in conducting consultancy business in the relevant field
  • Should have strong competency in carrying out the consultancy business

Qualifying individual or firms are requested to submit the letter of interest along with the document showing their experience, competence and accomplishment to corporate.advisory@nabilinvest.com.np.