Nabil Balanced Fund - II (NBF2)

 Nature of the Scheme:   Close-end Scheme
 Fund Name:  Nabil Mutual Fund
 Scheme Name:  Nabil Balanced Fund - II
 Fund Manager:  Nabil Investment Banking Limited
 Depository:  Nabil Investment Banking Limited
 Fund Sponsor:  Nabil Bank Limited
 Investment Objective: To generate optimum returns minimizing market risk by investing in a mix of securities comprising of equity and fixed income instruments as allowed by prevailing rules/regulations on mutual fund
 Number of Units:  112,000,000 units 
 Price per Unit:  NPR 10.00
 Capital Amount:  NPR 1,120,000,000.00
 Seed Capital (Sponsor):  NPR 168,000,000.00
 Seed Capital (Fund Manager):  NPR 12,600,300.00
 Allotment Date:  2076-02-17 B.S.
 Maturity Date:  2086-02-16 B.S (10 Years)
 Dividend Payout Strategy:  Dividend will be paid out of realized profits in proportion to investments made, retained earnings, if any, will be re-invested
 Listing: The Units will be listed in Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) for trading till maturity
 Stock Symbol:  Yet to list in NEPSE
 Fund Management Fees:  2% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
 Depository Fees:  0.5% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
 Fund Supervisors Fees:  NPR 20,000 per meeting, per supervisor
 Weekly and Monthly NAV:  Click here for detail